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KingHOOD Gaseous System is a research and development of high-tech enterprise and engaged in the application of VPSA oxygen equipment. Relying on the professional advantages, the company has an excellent management team, also has perfect hardware facilities and experienced professional team. The perfect system and reasonable management ensures the company do our best in every aspect. KingHOOD is committed to all kinds of VPSA oxygen equipment’s research and development, design, production, sales, related service, providing technical advice and solutions.

KinHOOD cooperates with the following leading enterprises in the world for communication:


1、 Enterprise human resource

The main management and technical personnel of KingHOOD are all working in gas equipment industry more than 10 years, they all have abundant professional experience. For a long time, we summarized in practice on one side, through technical engineers on site visit, find the problem, and improve the technology again and again. At the same time, we still focus on the industry technology, adopt advanced experienced.

2、 Design & manufacturing capacity

Our engineers are resposible for all the design and drawings for our production.  We beleivev the advanced technology is core for company’s suatainable development.  In addition, KinHOOD keeps in touch with the leading enterprises in the world for communication, which is a quick means of improving technology. Through adpoting the world’d leading technology companies such as Bayer, Tosoh, cooperating with Chinese Academy of Science, South China University of Technology, Haicheng Technology and other scientific research units. Also through own equipment operation record, all these aspects lead to KingHOOD’s equipment has its own unique features, their technology ia always at the forefront of the industry. Such as molecular sieve’s installation, the distribution of air flow, the improvement of the control system, system configuration, large gas supply system, etc. KingHOOD’s continuous application of new technology are promoting the development of technology of the industry at the same time.

Excellent design needs to rely on excellent manufacturing capacity. We have the ability to design and manufacture the complete equipment. KingHOOD have the special molecular sieve factory, modern industrial workshop, business intelligent office space and professional installation services team.

3、 Quality and Service

Equipment’s quality and service is very important for company’s survial,  and also is the key for development. We adopt strict quality management, we try to improve the quality of on-site service. We monitor equipment ‘s commissioning, equipment debugging, service attitude and customer satisfaction, we do record after - service record  for every customer. We will organize personnels to contactcustomer by telephone, fax, email and on-site visit . To know the equipment running status, help and guide the customer maintain the equipment, remind customers timely to replace the spare parts.  We believe our active, fast and professional service will make our every customers realize our considerate service.

2018 Clients Table

Clients Name Area Application Capacity
Yunnan investment Forsetry And Pulp Yunnan 10 Tons Pulp bleaching 360Nm3/h
Chenming Grou(Jinlin) Jilin Oxygen delignification 700Nm3/h
Tiger Forest & Paper Group Hunan 8 Tons Pulp bleaching 350Nm3/h
ChiTianhua Paper Guizhou 20 Tons Bamboo Pulp bleaching 1400Nm3/h
Shaowuzhongzhu Fujian 4.5 Tons Bamboo Pulp bleaching 400Nm3/h
Huaihua Juntai Hunan 40 Tons Pulp bleaching 2000Nm3/h
Lee Man Paper mill Chongqing 12 Tons Pulp bleaching 500Nm3/h
Fengli Paper Mill Hunan 5 Tons Pulp bleaching 200Nm3/h
Yongfeng Paper Mill Sichuan 12 Tons Pulp bleaching 700Nm3/h
Haisum technology Vietnam 10 Tons Pulp bleaching 400Nm3/h
Chenming group Shandong 15 Tons Pulp bleaching 600Nm3/h
Danhua group Jiangsu Enviroment protection 500Nm3/h
HSIK Wang Shan Twinking Star Hunan Oxygen –enriched melting 2000Nm3/h
Qingdao Taiwan Fiber Glass Shangdong Glass smelting stove Oxygen -fuel 1750Nm3/h
Huajin paper Jiangxi 10 Tons Pulp bleaching 600Nm3/h
Zhenxing paper Liaoning 12 Tons Pulp bleaching 700Nm3/h
Haisum SKD Project Bangladesh Enviroment protection 150Nm3/h
Laishan pulp mill Sichuan Bamboo Pulp bleaching 380Nm3/h
Kediweijing Guangdong  Glass smelting stove Oxygen enriched 400 Nm3/h
Zhuji Paper mill Guangdong Pulp bleaching 350Nm3/h
Xingchangsheng Jiangsu Alloy smelting 250Nm3/h
Yunjinglin Paper Yunnan Pulp bleaching Pulp bleaching 550Nm3/h
Wanjing Technology Myanmar Filling station for cutting(3 sets) 50Nm3/h
Suzhou zhong cai Angola Filling station for cutting(2 sets) 50Nm3/h
Suzhou zhonghua Mozambique Filling station for cutting(2 sets) 50Nm3/h
Liangmianzhen Jiangzi Pulp bleaching 500Nm3/h
Shuangdeng paper Mill Jiangsu Pulp bleaching 240Nm3/h
SFI Malaysia Enviroment protection 600Nm3/h
SKK Philipines EAF25 Tons 500Nm3/h
Xinhui copper Xinjiang Copper smelting 1000Nm3/h
Shandong Fiber glass group Shangdong Glass smelting stove 3250Nm3/h
Quanlin paper Shangdong Pulp bleaching 3000Nm3/h
Luyang Shangdong Oxygen enriched combusation 500Nm3/h
Wuliangye Group Sichuan Glass smelting stove 150Nm3/h
Jnshan chemical Indrusty Hanan Oxygen enriched gas making 800Nm3/h
Double A Tailand Pulp bleaching 800Nm3/h
Longmang melting Sichuan smelting 2500Nm3/h
Laibin pulp Mill Guangxi Pulp bleaching 500Nm3/h
Changhai group Jiangsu Glass smelting stove 1300Nm3/h
Junlin pharmaceutical Hebei Pharmaceutical Chemicals 500Nm3/h
Xingbang International Russia Pulp bleaching 500Nm3/h
Shandong Fiber Glass Shangdong Glass smelting stove 1400Nm3/h
Jiali Gas Jinagxi Glass smelting stove 1800Nm3/h
Huabei Jingmao Gansu Oxygen enriched 6000Nm3/h
Wuhai melting Mengu Oxygen enriched 4000Nm3/h
Huabo Lead industry Anhui Lead smelting 3000Nm3/h
Shandong Fiber Glass Shangdong Glass smelting stove 2800Nm3/h
Jinhong Gas Shangdong Glass smelting stove 3850Nm3/h
Maolian Technology Tianjin Copper smelting 3334Nm3/h
inhong Gas Shangdong Glass smelting stove 2600Nm3/h
Dexing Lead Industry Jiangxi Lead smelting 2000Nm3/h
Gansu Huayi Gansu Lead smelting 1300Nm3/h
Jiangsu Jihua Jiangsu Wastewater treatment 2200Nm3/h
Shengshihuayuan Guangdong Ozone generator 130Nm3/h
Beijingguodian Guizhou Ozone generator 300Nm3/h
Qianrunkaiyuan Beijign Ozone generator 100Nm3/h
Qianrunkaiyuan Shandong Ozone generator 30*2Nm3/h
Fujain Newland GasTianjin MaolianChian Railway ConstructionGroup CO.,LTD JilinZambiaCongo Ozone generator Copper smeltingCopper smelting 1120Nm3/h4000Nm3/h5000Nm3/h 

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