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The Largest VPSA Oxygen Plant In Nanjing Steel Puts Into Use Smoothly

At 15:56 on July 26th, the VPSA oxygen plant supplied by KingHOOD puts into use smoothly. Its performance meets and exceeds the technical requirements, and the device has become the largest vpsa oxygen production in Asia at present, which is the record of the largest gas production volume of single project at present.


On April 20, adsorption tower and other equipment entered the site and began to install.


On July 6, our engineer began to do stand-alone commissioning , and purge pressure test was conducted on pipelines, adsorption tower and air storage tank.


On July 7,activated alumina and molecular sieve came into the site.


VPSA oxygen plant will play an important role in the production and supply of large oxygen enriched blast furnace, and lays a solid foundation for the company to improve steel and iron production capacity with low cost and high efficiency.



Post time: Aug-07-2019

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