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Fuel-oxygen combustion

Short Description:

Oxygen production scale: 100~20000 Nm^3/h
Oxygen purity: 21~95%Adjustable within range
Oxygen consumption: Oxygen concentration is100% 0.32~0.38kw h /m^3

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Design conditions:

     - Barometric pressure 100kPa  

     - Ambient temperature    30 °C

     - Relative humidity    80 %

Technical Parameters

Oxygen production scale100~20000 Nm^3/h

Oxygen purity21~95%Adjustable within range

Oxygen consumptionOxygen concentration is100% 0.32~0.38kw h /m^3

Process Description 

Air inlet air-blower through filter and blow in the bottom of adsorption tank. Activated alumina is loaded in the bottom of the beds. It can be used to remove water and carbon dioxide in air to avoid poisoning of molecular sieve.

Molecular sieve is loaded on top of the beds, when air blows through the fixed beds of molecular sieve, nitrogen diffuse into molecular sieve by the adsorption force, oxygen and argon enter into buffer tank from interspace of the beds.

Oxygen Compressor is connected with buffer tank and compresses oxygen to the required pressure, and delivers to storage tank for consumption.

After adsorption for period of time, molecular sieve is saturated with nitrogen. The air-inlet valve is then closed. Enriched-oxygen is used to purge the other vacuumized tank. When the pressure reduce to a certain value, shut equalization valve, in the mean time open the valve for vacuum pump and vacuumize the beds. When reach a certain vacuum level, purge molecular sieve using enrich-oxygen from the other tank and some gas in buffer tank to complete the desorption cycle.

When the desorption cycle is finished, increase pressure of bed using the gas. When the pressure reach a lower vacuum degree, shut buffer tank valve and open the valve of air-blower and prepare for the next cycle.
Air separation occurs in one tower for a short of time(about26s) before the tower switching occurs.

product advantages

auotomated design,auotomated operation
15 years working life for molecular sieve
Fast Startup
Longer life, lower maintenance
Designed in accordance with international safety standards.

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