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About Us

KingHOOD Gaseous System is a research and development of high-tech enterprise and engaged in the application of VPSA oxygen equipment. Relying on the professional advantages, the company has an excellent management team, also has perfect hardware facilities and experienced professional team. The perfect system and reasonable management ensures the company do the best in every aspect.

KingHOOD is committed to do all kinds of VPSA oxygen equipment’s research and development, design, production, sales, related service, providing technical advice and solutions.

KingHOOD commits to the environment-  a bluer sky and purer water.


The main management and technical personnel of KingHOOD are all working in gas equipment industry more than 10 years, they all have abundant professional experience. For a long time, we summarized in practice on one side, through technical engineers on site visit, find the problem, and improve the technology again and again. At the same time, we still focus on the technology, adopt advanced experience. In addition, KinHOOD keeps in touch with the leading enterprises in the world for communication, which is a quick means for improving technology. Through adpoting the leading companies’s technology such as Bayer, Tosoh, cooperating with Chinese Academy of Science, South China University of Technology, Haisum Technology and other scientific research units. Also through own equipment operation record, all these aspects lead to

KingHOOD’s  equipment has its own unique features, our technology ia always at the forefront of the industry. Such as molecular sieve’s installation, the distribution of air flow, the improvement of the control system, system configuration, large gas supply system, etc. KingHOOD is continuouly using new technology and promoting the development of technology of at the same time.

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